Individualized Personal Fitness Training

Working out doesn't have to be grueling, painful or one-size-fits-all. When it's tailored appropriately to each person it should feel challenging but also energizing and rejuvenating.

Each training program starts with an individual consultation and assessment so that we can tailor a fitness plan that fits you.

With focused attention we carry that plan out together, making the appropriate modifications and progressions along the way to getting you fit and feeling great!

Training is available in-home or at your place of business. Let's get started with your custom fitness training today!


"Thank you so much for all of your hard work and help. I have really enjoyed our sessions and it is not only making me more fit, but other areas of my life are changing for the better!" Bari S., Brand Identity Manager
“I feel healthier and stronger, and, by the way... felt great on the beach trip we've been training for. Thanks for keeping things interesting by changing everything up from day to day!” JJ T., Entrepreneur/Owner - Women's Clothing Boutique
"Nicole is not only a terrific motivator and a positive person, but she is also an excellent teacher-something I am well acquainted with after being an educator for many years. She takes a sincere interest in her clients and is concerned for their overall health, both physical and mental, and adjusts to help each person achieve their best on any given day’s workout. Nicole also does an amazing job of keeping things fresh and fun, while building on the skills a client has already begun to master. Patient and enthusiastic, Nicole is always willing to help me deal with any aches and pains that come with daily living, and to suggest ways to avoid future problems. The fact that I actually look forward to my sessions with her is a true testament to Nicole’s talent and skill as a personal trainer." Lynne N., Retired High School Teacher

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